About us

SYSTEMINENCE (Off-Shore) SAL is a Value Added Reseller that operates throughout the Middle East and Africa regions. Our objective is to work hand by hand with clients to provide them with the most cost effective Security Solutions. Our passion is surveillance system design that includes video management system, video analytics, deep learning and AI applications. Our services include, custom development, commissioning and professional services.


Systeminence was founded by proficient and experienced professionals who share a common vision to accomplish goals that have never been achieved before. With over 10 years of experience in designing systems and implementation, and an extensive knowledge in the market, we found an opportunity to develop solutions that ensure success for our clients. 

Our Goals

Systeminence aims to:

Expand in the field of IP surveillance security and develop a solid base of key customers.

Increase the resources of the company to support service development.

Build an indisputable reputation in the field and become a key player in the industry.

Provide exquisite technical support to simplify our customers’ day to day jobs.