Solution integration and Custom Development


No more hassle in searching among off-the-shelf products to find the right solution. Our aim is to custom develop the ultimate solution to provide the intercommunication between all the system components.

Video Content Analysis


This technical capability of VCA is used in a wide range of domains including entertainment, health-care, retail, automotive, transport, home automation, flame and smoke detection, safety and security. The algorithms can be implemented as software on general purpose machines, or as hardware in specialized video processing units.

Artificial Intelligence


AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by computer machines. It has been integrated in our security solutions among multiple sectors.

Security Surveillance


Our  expertise in the CCTV industry allows us to implement and manage mega  projects such as Airports, Hospitals, Banks and Governmental entities. 



Our  certified professional trainers are ready to provide the attendees with  hands on exercises leading to a successful VMS implementation from  different vendors.

The "Surveillance System Design"  training guarantees the ability to pick the adequate camera  specifications, server sizing, network design and Video Management  Software (VMS).

The "Technical Training"  provides the know-how to install different VMS features, where  technical debate takes place regarding camera, network, server and  storage best practice.